A Son’s Revenge II – Natasha Nice [MissaX]

A Son’s Revenge II – Natasha Nice [MissaX]

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(Preface: In her words) Last Friday, I returned home and told my husband I was out with my pals when I was actually returning home late from fucking my boss. When my boss entered, my pants were still warm and dripping wet. My pulse began to rush as my husband hugged me and smelled my neck. Could he smell another man? I gave in to him when he stripped off my clothing. He hadn’t touched me in years, yet he had to take me because he must have scented my sex like pheromones. He pushed himself into another man’s moisture, leaving my pussy red, wet, and swollen. He then entered me and slept next to me. His large arm over my chest felt like an anvil. I was entrapped, horny, and helpless. Although my spouse is a nice man and we have a kid who recently turned 18, I might need to set things right in the future by divorcing him. Taking a quick look at the clock, Natasha remarks, “Fuck.. I’m running late.”

(In his words) I’ve seen that Mom has been having an affair with Dad. My mother is youthful, energetic, fun, and sexy as hell, which makes her different from the mothers of any of my friends. I’m not afraid to admit that ever since I can remember, I’ve been drawn to her sexually. I also don’t feel guilty about what I’m going to do to her tonight. Her mobile phone will be taken over, and I’ll trick her into thinking her father has bought a blindfold and some shackles for her. I heard about his pitiful effort to screw her last Friday, but he’s been working to patch up their strained marriage. I’m going to take her, she’ll think I’m him, and I’ll make her scream with delight as my big cock thrusts in and out of her. She will be mine, and mine alone. She will comply with my regulations since she is a nice Christian girl and doesn’t want anybody to know how much she adores her son’s cock. She will also do everything I ask of her. consists of a missionary, a dog, a cream pie, and fucking after a cream pie.

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