A Gooner Like His Stepmom – Rachael Cavalli [Mommy’s Boy]

A Gooner Like His Stepmom – Rachael Cavalli [Mommy’s Boy]

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While performing household duties, Rachael Cavalli notices her stepson Josh Rivers jerking off and watching porn on a laptop. Rachael tries to reassure Josh that it’s okay, but Josh feels mortified that she saw what he was doing. Josh acknowledges that he is a “gooner,” or someone who is totally fixated on porn. Rachael admits that she used to be REALLY into watching porn as well, but only to reassure Josh that everything is fine.

Rachael’s preoccupation with porn returns as they talk further. She suggests that they watch porn together because she thinks it will help them connect. Despite his amazement, Josh agrees to the advice.

They settle in and watch some steamy porn together, after which they begin to masturbate next to each other. However, eventually they are tempted to go further—much further. They enjoy watching porn and masturbating, but having sex with one other would be even more enjoyable!

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