[4K] Visiting Family – Penny Barber, Chloe Surreal [MommysBoy]

[4K] Visiting Family – Penny Barber, Chloe Surreal [MommysBoy]

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Ricky Spanish, Penny Barber’s stepson, is spending the weekend with relatives. Chloe Surreal, Penny’s stepniece, welcomes them when they get there, and they all say hello to one another. Since they haven’t had much opportunity to interact, Chloe is really eager to spend this exciting weekend getting to know her stepaunt and stepcousin better.

But later that evening, Penny infiltrates Ricky’s bedroom and joins him in bed. It is made known that Penny and Ricky are sexually involved, and Penny wants to have some fun with her adorable stepson. Ricky is a little wary, though—what if the other residents of the house overhear them? He and Penny absolutely do NOT want their illicit connection to be discovered. However, Penny begs Ricky to relax and assures him that she will be silent. Ricky allows his lovely stepmom to suck on his throbbing cock since he can’t resist her approaches.


But unfortunately for them, Chloe appears to have fox-like ears! She kicks open the door and sees Penny and Ricky fighting. Chloe feels a little turned on as well as startled. Perhaps if Penny and Ricky allow her to participate, she won’t have to reveal to the rest of the family what their unruly relatives have been doing after dark. With Penny and Ricky’s permission, they all share the guest bedroom with a peaceful yet vivacious trio. Who knew spending time with family could be SO much fun?


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