[4K] Laney Grey And Penny Barber Some Ground Rules [PURETABOO]

[4K] Laney Grey And Penny Barber Some Ground Rules [PURETABOO]

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Emily (Laney Grey) approaches the office of Donna (Penny Barber), a worker at a teenage shelter, with trepidation. Emily’s pregnancy is quickly made known, however she’s doubtful if she’ll retain it considering that she’s homeless. Despite being sympathetic during the talk, Donna acknowledges that she and her husband Alex (John Legendary) are attempting to adopt but are having difficulties. When Emily agrees to let THEM become the new parents, Donna offers to care for Emily at home throughout her pregnancy, all costs covered.

Though astonished, Emily seizes the chance. Donna cautions Emily that there are rigorous house rules, but Emily is unfazed and unwittingly agrees to everything out of enthusiasm.

Emily moves in with Donna and Alex the next day, eager to see how her life will develop from that point on. Naturally, she is unprepared for Donna and Alex to welcome her in their undies. They didn’t disclose it before because they didn’t want to frighten Emily away, but at that point they admit that they are nudists.

Although Emily is first a little confused, she cannot let this once-in-a-lifetime chance pass her by. Emily agrees when they spell out the terms, which include that she must embrace the nudist way of life for herself. She is certain that with time, she will adjust.

Emily had no idea that there would soon be further rules.

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