[4K] I Can See Teachers Naughty Bits In Class – Kit Mercer

[4K] I Can See Teachers Naughty Bits In Class – Kit Mercer

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Busty Milf As a teacher, Kit Mercer has discovered her passion, but there’s only one issue: Her pupils can’t stop gazing at her. particularly her male pupils. When Kit visits her good friend, Tyler Nixon, she uses the occasion to inquire as to what could be causing the lads to stare at her. Although Tyler attempts to seem stupid, Kit can tell that he has a hardon. Kit attempts to feel bad about Tyler’s reaction to her, but her true interest is in Tyler’s large erection. She drops a pen and reveals her bare pussy to Tyler. She ultimately informs Tyler that she is happy to assist him with his alleged problem as long as they don’t look at each other.

Tyler allows Ms. Mercer to pull his trousers down and grab his fuck stick with her hand. Tyler can’t help but groan with joy as soon as she kneels down and starts lapping at his cock like it’s the best treat ever. She presents a compelling case for going to the bedroom and being completely nude. Tyler has the opportunity to suckle Ms. Mercer’s large breast as soon as they are both completely nude while she brushes him off and continues sucking. Tyler is incredibly pumped to party after a little fuck, and the next thing he knows, his mom’s sexy buddy is riding him.


Now that Ms. Mercer is on her knees, ready to endure a doggy-style pussy pounding, Tyler has the chance to seize the reins. Every stroke makes her large breasts shake. Tyler kneels over her and hands it to her as she licks her own fluids off of his hardon and gets on her back, breaking her own rule about not locking eyes. This scorching train needs only one more stiffie journey to get off once again. Kit lies down and lets Tyler screw her large breast till he pops all over her face and jugs since he still hasn’t burst a nut.


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