[4K] Cooking Up An Anal Surprise – Siri Dahl

[4K] Cooking Up An Anal Surprise – Siri Dahl

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Siri Dahl is dressed just in an apron as she gets ready to serve dinner. It is revealed that this is a sexual surprise for her husband when she hangs up the phone with a friend because she thinks her husband would be home early while her stepson, Ricky Spanish, is away from the house for music practice. When the call ends, Siri switches to her preferred radio station and begins preparing dinner.

Siri detects a person entering the building through the front entrance a short while later. After he finishes changing, she calls out to him, thinking it’s her husband, to enter the kitchen because she has a surprise for him. Siri had no idea that Ricky is the one who actually returned home! The sight of Siri’s naked butt astounds him, and he secretly admires her. However, Siri ultimately notices him staring.

Siri, who is ashamed and perplexed, claims she mistakenly believed Ricky to be her husband. It turns out that TOMORROW is the day her husband returns home early and Ricky has a piano lesson. Even more ashamed, Siri asks Ricky what it will take to ensure that her husband won’t find out about this occurrence.

At that point, Ricky has a sneaky little plan. Dinner will probably have to wait, it seems.

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